Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Seeing something special in an ordinary day

The year 2000 may mark the zenith of film photography.  That year Kodak announced that consumers around the world had taken 80 billion photos (setting a new all-time record).

Fast forward to today’s world of digital photography and that number seems quaint by comparison.  Estimates are that 1.3 trillion photos will be taken in 2017!

Photos give us a moment in time, but a good photo tells a story.

I thought I’d give you a snapshot of UBA at this very moment -- not a digital image but a word picture of what’s happening today.

Today is nothing special.  In fact, it’s quite ordinary … and it is the ordinariness of what I’ll share that makes it special.

As I write, Campo and Gloria have just returned from Israel where they were on a mission trip.  Campo has been meeting with someone that has mentored him in church planting strategies that will help us accelerate the rate at which we reach people with the gospel.

Josh is in Kentucky meeting with Directors of Missions, helping them understand the changing nature of associational work so they can better prepare their associations for the future.

Dian is in Colorado participating in a spiritual formation retreat.  Normally she would be in the office, at her computer, managing our communication system and web environment, but today she is learning more about connecting with God so she can come back to Houston and help our pastors and congregational leaders better do the same.

Sally is reading Mr. Smith Goes to Prison … the story of a Missouri State Senator and what he learned about our prison system, justice and reform. Strange book to be reading?  Not for Sally.  She and Rickie are doing some fantastic work in our prison system.  The story is one of the most remarkable we have to share.

Speaking of Rickie, he is working with a national organization and some of our local churches who will be hosting the mothers of two Nigerian girls who were abducted by Boko Haram and escaped.  The  women will meet with a congressional committee in Washington before coming to Houston where they’ll share their story.

Me?  I just finished meeting with our moderator team.  We are working on a major event for this fall that has the potential of advancing the cause of transformation in our city in ways greater than anything we’ve ever done.  More later on this.

That's not everyone.  Gloria is working on a project for our Hispanic pastors. Alex is out picking up a few things for the office at Sam's Club.  Ron and Dana are making sure everything is in good order for us financially.

Phil (Trinity Pines Conference Center) and Jeff (Mission Centers of Houston) are not in the office so they are not in this “picture” but I can assure you they are getting ready for really busy summers with their ministries.

If a good picture tells a story, what story is this verbal snapshot telling?  Simply this: every day in a variety of ways we are working for you and with you to advance the cause of Christ in our city.  It’s not always dramatic, but it is always intentional and purposeful.  We pray for you.  We care about you and what you are doing.  We count it a joy every day to serve you and serve with you!

When you have a moment, go to this page on our website.  You’ll see some of the many things we are involved in every day.  If you click this page and you'll find stories of the work UBA congregations are doing across the city.  They are all just snapshots, but I think you'll find they tell interesting stories.

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