Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Doing What Matters

The era of the modern world’s fair began with Britain’s “Great Exhibition” (often called the “Crystal Palace Exhibition”) in 1851.  The exhibits on display at the Crystal Palace included scientific and technological marvels from many different countries as well as works of art and craftsmanship. Some six million people attended the exhibition.  One of the displays was an engineering marvel, complete with hundreds of moving parts, interconnected cogs, levers and pulleys … all the bells and whistles.  The thing is, it really didn’t do anything.

Busy-ness without productivity is never acceptable, especially when doing the Lord’s work.  That’s why it’s important to me that in UBA we do things that really matter, things that help our churches fulfill their great commission responsibility.

We say that we exist to mobilize our churches to take on lostness, but what does that mean?  Why is that important?  What did we do last year and what will we do this year?  Those are all big questions, too big to completely answer in a short blog post, but let me mention a couple of things.