Friday, August 1, 2014

Two Churches Make the Grade in School

School starts back in a few weeks.  As a student I was focused on doing well in school because I knew a good education was a key to being successful in life.  I was fortunate to attend good public schools and receive a quality education.  Not every student today has that opportunity.  Many of our public schools are in crisis.  UBA churches are doing something to help.  Let me share with you a story from the Loving Houston newsletter which highlights the great work of two UBA churches.

“In 2008, Copperfield Church responded to Mission Houston's Whole and Healthy Children Initiative by partnering with Hairgrove Elementary, the school with the highest number of at-risk students in Cy-Fair at that time. Soon after, Copperfield's Pastor Larry Womack approached area churches to consider partnering together at Hairgrove. Calvary Community Church leaders prayed over the invitation and decided to accept.

“Just this past January, Calvary and Copperfield were awarded the TAPE Community Partnership Crystal Award in the Academic Impact category. In just the first 3 years of this church-church-school partnership, Hairgrove's TAKS scores improved from 71% to 91% and the school's rating improved from Academically Acceptable to Exemplary. Hairgrove is now a Title I High Achieving Campus!

“From Principal Darynda Klein:

‘Hairgrove students, staff, and families are having [their basic, safety, social, and self-esteem needs] met by Calvary Community Church and Copperfield Church. Basic needs are met by providing clothing, meals, and gifts during the holidays, serving students wholesome home-cooked meals at academic learning camps and through the Backpack Buddy program which provides food to families each week. Safety, social, and self-esteem needs are met by mentoring students, sponsoring clubs to give children enrichment and a sense of belonging, providing children new school supplies and backpacks, and supporting the staff to be the best they can be by providing treats and meals which uplift the staff's spirits. It is clear that our partners, Calvary Community Church and Copperfield Church, make a world of difference in the lives of our students, staff, families, and our community at Hairgrove. We are so blessed to have their support!’”

Congratulations to pastors Larry Womack (Copperfield) and Steve Meeks (Calvary) for leading their churches to make a difference in their communities.

Thanks to Marilyn Lee and Mike Kraxberger for permission to share this story.For more about what your church can do through Loving Houston, click here.

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