Friday, June 27, 2014

Be Someone Special by Doing Something Good

I always wanted to be someone special, haven’t you? We can be, and we can do something important at the same time by being part of the Mission Centers “One in a Thousand” campaign.

For over 54 years, the Mission Centers of Houston have worked to transform the lives of people living in Houston's inner city and the people who come here to serve them. They serve impoverished communities in our inner city by providing for the physical and spiritual needs of people. Sharing and showing the love of Christ is at the heart of everything they do. (Click here for more details.)

The Mission Centers are experiencing a financial crisis.  The annual budget for the Mission Centers is about $950,000. Funding for their work comes from UBA, churches, groups, individuals, corporations, grants and fundraisers. Church budgets fluctuate; fundraisers and grants are unpredictable. For a variety of reasons, receipts are down at a time when expenses are the highest. If that isn’t bad enough, last December City of Houston inspectors found several things that needed to be done to bring the buildings into compliance with city regulations. They have until July 28 to complete the work. The cost to do so is about $41,500.

The financial need is significant and urgent! If you, your Sunday School class, your missions group or your church could make an immediate, one-time gift, that would be great. To do so, click here.

In addition, I want to ask you to become a monthly contributor to the Mission Centers. Just $25 per month will help. If 1,000 people gave $25 a month, that would be $25,000 per month, $300,000 per year! For years Sandra and I have supported the Mission Centers financially. We will continue to do what we have done as well as become part of the “1 in a 1,000” campaign. The easiest way to give is on-line. It’s safe, secure and simple. All you need is a debit card, a credit card, or your bank account. To sign up now, click here.

A  wealthy businessman offered Billy Graham $1,000,000 to fund his work. Graham politely refused saying, “I’d rather have a million people giving me $1 a piece because I know that each dollar comes with a prayer for our work.”

Whether it’s a dollar, $10, $25 or more per month, be someone special and do something good by supporting the work of the Mission Centers of Houston with your gifts and your prayers.

PS:  I don’t think Ginger Smith, our MCH administrator, would turn down a gift of $1,000,000 … in case you’re wondering.  (*smile*)

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