Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Great Things Happen ... or They Don't

If great things happen because God's people pray, doesn't it make sense that there are many great things that aren't happening because God's people aren't praying?

Last year some great things happened in Houston because God's people prayed. I asked church leaders to rally their members to go into six under-resourced communities across our city to demonstrate the love of Christ through acts of service, and you did! It was called Loving Houston and it was a phenomenal success. Over 2,000 people showed up the week of June 1-8 to repair roofs, build wheel chair ramps, install playground equipment in a under-resourced elementary school, paint a public middle school, clean community parks and medians, clean out two historic cemeteries ... the list of great things folks did goes on and on. That wasn't the end of it. In the fall about 500 more folks showed up to work in the Sunnyside community doing similar projects.

That's the public and visible part of the story. Behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, there was other activity that received almost no publicity or notice whatsoever, yet it was an indispensable part of all that happened.  Thousands of folks all across the city prayed for Loving Houston and the communities where we served. There were prayer rallies in churches. Hundreds of folks prayer walked the communities. Thousands used the twenty-eight day prayer guide to pray for our city. We did not try to keep track of the folks who participated in all these prayer events, but I believe they exceeded the number of folks who showed up to work. I do not believe Loving Houston would have been the success it was without all the prayer that went into it.

As important as Loving Houston was, now there is an even greater need that calls us to prayer. We need to pray for the spiritual renewal, vitality and transformation of our city. I'll not try to document why I think that's needed. The case has been made by others more eloquent than I time and time again.

My purpose is to ask you to join me in prayer. Specifically, I'm asking you to meet me at the giant cross on the property of Sagemont Church, Saturday morning, April 19th (that's the day before Easter this year) and let's pray for our city. Dr. John Bisagno, pastor emeritus of Houston's First Baptist Church, is the primary mover for this event. Bro. John has enlisted the pastors of some the most influential evangelical churches in our city to participate.

This prayer gathering was initially intended for pastors to come together to pray, but as word has gotten out about the meeting others have expressed a strong desire to come.  If you sense God's leadership and desire to unite with other believers to openly and publicly pray for the spiritual transformation of our city, then join us.

This will not be a Baptist event though many key Baptist leaders will be involved. I believe it will be a wonderful expression of the church in our city uniting to do something together for the good of our city.

Great things happen when God's people pray. That's why you'll find me at Sagemont Church, Saturday morning, April 19 at 9 am. I hope to see you there.

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