Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Budget that Inspires Me (and most don't!)

I hate to admit it, but whenever I look at the UBA budget I am uninspired, not because what we do at UBA isn't important and valuable work, but because the line items in our budget don't tell the story of what we do.

For example, a major part of our work is consulting with churches, but there's no line item for consulting.  Instead, we say we need $x,xxx for printing, postage and insurance.  Who gets inspired by that?  Certainly not me, and I'm guessing you don't either.  So this year I've worked to develop a budget that more accurately reflects the way UBA lives out the mission of mobilizing churches to take on lostness.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Should a Church Support UBA?

Everybody likes a bargain.  Wanting to get the most value for every dollar spent we become savvy consumers using coupons, looking for sales, shopping online for the best prices.   We worked hard to earn our money, so we want to spend it wisely.

When people give their money to their church or donate money to a charity they want to give their money wisely as well.  That's why churches and ministries give such careful attention to their budgets and report regularly how money is spent.

Churches also, when they prepare their budgets, want to want to be discerning in how they give their money away.  Gone are they days when people blindly give to a program or organization just because it is expected by the denomination.  This is good!  We shouldn't just give our money away blindly.

What about UBA?  Why should a church support UBA?  How is the association's ministry funded?  How are those dollars spent?