Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Giving Credit Where It's Really Due

I started getting emails and text messages telling me I needed to see a picture on Jim Herrington's Facebook page. I'm not the most active Facebook participant, so folks know if there is something I might enjoy they need to tell me about. So I logged in (after looking up my password) and found a picture of Jim and me taken in 1998. What an eventful trip that was.

Jim and I were in Hong Kong helping IMB missionaries prepare for some of the changes they were about to experience. One evening we went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant overlooking Hong Kong harbor (if memory serves me correctly). That's when Jim surprised me by telling me that upon our return he was resigning as executive director of UBA to start Mission Houston, that he assumed I would be asked to be the interim and that he wouldn't be surprised if I was asked to become the executive director. That was one of the more significant turning-point moments in my life.