Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Things Just Don't Come Easily

Writing is hard work, at least for me. I marvel at the way authors like Dean Koontz and Stephen King can write so prolifically while I struggle to get out a simple article once a month. They write hundreds of pages a year and I only need to knock out twelve short articles a year. I realize they’re doing it to make a living; fortunately my livelihood isn’t dependent upon my writing!

Actually, writing isn’t really the hard part. Putting words on a page is easy enough. It’s knowing what to write about -- that’s the hard part. Figuring out what to write, then doing it in an informative and entertaining fashion, that’s the hard part.

Do I right about things in the news? Tiger Woods confession. (for all have sinned) President Obama’s troop deployment to Afghanistan. (there shall be wars and rumors of wars) The New Orleans’ Saints unbeaten season. (miracles happen) I suppose I could, but you don’t read my article to keep up with stories better covered by CNN and ESPN. Nope, the news is out.

Do I write about something theological? The interface of resurrection theology and the current economic crisis. The conflict between the radical Muslim agenda and freedom of religion in America. Global warming and our stewardship responsibilities for the planet. Theology is more my style, but not too many folks are excited about the interface between theology and life.

The latest UBA happenings? Insights into the state of our churches based upon the latest Annual Church Profile reports. The upcoming Pastor to Pastor series for 2010 (the 2009 series was a big hit, btw). The impact of the Fire Torch city transformation tour. Our redesigned UBA website. Giving patterns of UBA congregations. New churches started. I could, but I write about things like this all year long. Besides, many of them are adequately covered in the emails we send out regularly. No need to be overly redundant.

I could write about something personal, but I’m not sure anyone outside my family would be interested. See? It’s not as easy as it seems to write these articles.

There is one sure fire, can’t miss option. It only happens once a year. Christmas is days away. Snow is (literally) in the air. New Year’s is coming. Something seasonal and sincere seems appropriate. So let me say (quite sincerely), from all of us on the UBA team --
associate directors -- Dian Kidd and Ron Towery
our incomparable church consultants-- Rickie Bradshaw, Josh Ellis, Sally Hinzie, and Campo Londoño
our fantastic support team -- Dana Bowdoin, Sharon Cain, Gloria Londoño, Alex Martinez and Nallely Torres
our invaluable voluntary staff members -- Ron and JoAnn Holt in our financial office and UBA prayer coordinator Margie Randall
• our ever-faithful missions teams -- Mary Valerio and her team of WMU leaders and Herb Weaver and his men/boys ministry team
our first-class subsidiary ministry teams -- Nick Howard and our Baptist student ministers, Ginger Smith and the MCH staff, Phil Springer and the TPCC staff

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It truly is our privilege to honor Christ by serving you.

PS: Now wasn’t that creative?